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Is it time to upgrade your bathtub or shower system? If you have been considering updating the look and feel of your bathroom or shower areas, our professional shower installation team in Raleigh can help. Newer shower systems are designed to get you clean, but with relaxation and comfort in mind. Dual shower heads, body jets, and other modern shower systems make installation a little more difficult than traditional shower systems. The upside is that these new systems can increase the value of your home, on top of giving you a showering experience that you will love every day.

Raleigh Bathtub & Luxury Tub Installation

Who hasn’t had a dream of getting a luxury bathtub with spa jets? What about an outdoor hot tub or Jacuzzi? Perhaps your current tub is outdated, is looking a little worn down, or has mold starting to grow in the creases. Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a new bathtub, luxury or otherwise, our plumbing installation team at Source Plumbing can help you make sure that the new tub is installed properly from the get go. Call us or contact us online for a free estimate on your bath tub installation.

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We understand that making the decision to add a new shower system or bathtub likely took some time, finding someone to install it will take some time as well. While many people offer shower system or bath installations in Raleigh, not all of them are licensed plumbers. You’ll definitely want a plumber to make sure things are hooked up properly, and to ensure that everything functioning the way it was intended. At Source Plumbing, we can give you a free estimate on our installation fees which means you wont be hit with any hidden charges or repair bills (if the installation isn’t done right)!¬† Get in touch with our shower & bath installation experts and get your free estimate today!


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