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Drain Cleaning & Clogged Drain Repair Services in Raleigh & Louisburg

Sinks, bathtubs, showers, and other drains in your home can get clogged or damaged for a number of reasons. Most of the time, a clogged drain isn’t a plumbing emergency, even if it is an inconvenience. However, if a drain clog (or pipe clog) is severe enough it can lead to water overflow and possible even water damage to the surrounding areas. Over time, even if it appears to be only a minor clogged drain, can lead to pipe damage or other more serious plumbing issues. Buildup from rust, hair, grease and other minerals found in your water can corrode your pipes, which is far more expensive to fix.

At Source Plumbing, LLC, in Raleigh, we understand that a clogged drain in Raleigh can be a sign of pipe damage or other unseen issues affecting your plumbing. One call to us at 984-459-0982 and we can have a plumber out to your residence quickly. Not only will we unclog your drain and have the water flowing smoothly again, but we’ll also inspect to make sure there isn’t further damage to your pipes.

Common Reasons For Clogged Drains

There are a number of reasons your drains may become clogged, fortunately, we are experienced in repairing all sorts of clogs in toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and any other clogged drain you may have in your home or business. Here are a list of common causes of drain clogs:

  • Hair – A big culprit for shower drain clogs
  • Dirt – Any drain in your home can clog as dirt builds up
  • Food – Most commonly in kitchen sinks
  • Soap – Soap scum can build up and clog pipes in almost any sink
  • Toilet Paper – Your toilet may clog from excess toilet paper

Of course there are other reasons your drains & pipes can get clogged. Let us know if you have clogged drains in Raleigh or Louisburg and we’ll get your water flowing smoothly again.

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Do It Yourself Drain Unclogging For Clogged Drains in Raleigh & Louisburg

Often times, unclogging your drains isn’t something you need a plumber for. A little elbow grease and a plunger can sometimes do the trick. However, we do urge caution when using chemicals such as Liquid Plumber or Drano on your clogged drains. While these certainly have their place, they are more of a “band-aid” than an actual fix. While they may get water flowing again, keep in mind that chemicals are bad for toilets and hard on pipes. If they don’t clear the clog entirely, you may find they lead to more corrosion to your pipes over time. Using them once or twice probably won’t do too much damage, however, if you notice that the same drain keeps clogging over time, it’s best to call a professional plumber to unclog the drain and make sure your pipes are healthy.

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Source Plumbing is located in Louisburg NC, but provides expert plumbing services to Raleigh, Wake Forest, Franklinton, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wendell, Youngsville, Bunn, Apex, Cary and most of the Triangle area of North Carolina. We are open 24/7 and can unclog any drain or pipe that is causing you a headache in your home or business in any of these areas. Contact us online or call 984-459-0982 and we can help you determine if the issue is an emergency of if we should schedule a time to come out in the future to fix your clogged drain in Raleigh.

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